Friday, 30 December 2011

Amelia Martha

PHOTOGRAPH playing with toys.

in their room | only their hands | with big smiles
 Beautiful Amelia Martha, Ii love her to bits, I finished her last night and am afraid to say she hasn't been out of my sight since. 
She is made with Upholstery offcuts a little bit of ribbon and a top that Ii used to wear that I couldn't bear to throw away. Amelia Martha looks perfect in her little pink paisley dress, Unfortunately this little one is not for sale as I couldn't bear to part with her. Although she did go walk about at work today and I nearly lost her to a couple of my work mates. I will be finishing more little girls over the next few days stay tuned for more uploads. 
Amelia Martha was named for a beautiful friend at work's Grandmother.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

some Layouts I've been doing:

I've been working on Bek's wedding album. these photos are not the easiest to scrap but I really want to do them for her. (strange I know). I am enjoying doing these pages, i guess in a strange way it's therapeutic.  Bek getting ready at the hotel, we had to start so early, she looks so beautiful.

This one is of Mum and Bek, I love the beuatiful look on Mum's face as she looks at Bek, you can see how much she loves her, this is such a special photo for me.  Can you believe that these photos were taken by my cousins little girl Taylor i think she was 9 or 10 at the time.
 And gorgeous Narelle! She would have been a much better Maid of Honour than I was. I really had no clue what i was doing, Bek had to keep telling me to fix her dress, in the end i think she just gave up and Narelle looked after it for me.
 This one is not from Bek's wedding, can you imagine ha ha. This is Conor at Adam's 40th in June, he came up with the costume by himself, and he won the competition for best Superhero, I think he looks gorgeous too.

I've just uploaded 7 little spacemen to my Etsy shop, to buy them you can go here.

and here they are in close up.

Monday, 26 September 2011

A little bag…

I’ve been looking for a satchel to make for the markets, I thought this was it but alas it’s not, it’s just not quite right.  It seems a little plain and boring although it is functional so we are selling this one for $15. And will return to the search for the perfect satchel pattern. Any links or ideas please send through.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Photograph multi-colored.

Photograph multi-colored.  
A beach towel | A fireworks display | Packaging | Nature

Nana Rugs, growing a gorgeous stash as I go through Nana's craft stuff that she gave to Beka and me, it looks like I inherited them all.

Conor used one of these when he went to childcare to keep him warm and he loved it heaps and we still have it somewhere.

I'm hoping to come across 4 of the square ones of about the same size so I can crochet them all together and make one big, beautiful Nana rug.

I'm not sure what I will do with the round ones, maybe I can make cushions from them, that would be fun.

Meet Millie

Meet Millie, she's very cute and cuddly and ready to play
She costs $15

(Millie has sold but we are taking orders, BUT no 2 dolls will be the same, this way you will get your very own cuddly doll.)

Millie is the first of our dolls for sale over at Q-Monkey Designs. And we are so excited that she sold so quickly. We are madly making more little dollies so everyone can have their very own piece of cuteness. All the dolls are upcycled/recycled which means they are made from op-shop finds and furnishing fabric samples.

If you would like to have one made in specific colour let us know and we will see what we can do.

NB: please note Millie is not my design but the design of a very talented lady from one of my homespun magazines.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

photograph something sweet

Yay today's challenge was perfect.

For afternoon tea at work we  had these yummy Cupcakes, there were so many left over I snaffled one for Conor.
Mum came over today to give Conor a driving lesson, she also let loose on the dog, little Haggy is looking very handsome with his haircut.
 And here is another photo of Haggy, i had to share this one 'cos he looks like he's saying "No More Photos".

Monday, 16 May 2011

New Butterick Patterns

It was a relief to see that there are only a couple of 4 patterns I NEED to get form the latest Butterick release:
These are my favourites………..
I love the idea for the sleeveless one but I’m kind of thinking the whole thing may be a little too 80’s?
 Love this one so much it’s gorgeous, just need somewhere to wear it.
These are just so cute and  think would be wonderful additions to my apron making plan
Oh my goodness how adorable are these need to make them but have no one to make them for.....

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Saturday 19 March - 5 things

5 things
1. that I got up and got organized to see Sharon and Allan off on their cruise I was so excited for them to finally be going, i know they will have the best time and I have to say i am a little bit jealous, i so wish we were going too.

2. that I finally stopped sneezing enough to do some needlework and ironing, I am so allergic to spray on deodorant
3. that I finally found my pattern at Gardams in the city and Conor decided to make his jacket in black velvet rather than Blue since he can't find the blue anywhere

4. that Conor is comfortable enough to have his friends crash here after a party
5. that we had enough leftovers for dinner and neither of us had to cook