Thursday, 19 August 2010

happy thoughts

1. Such a great day working with Kerrie, Sianne and Emily, lots of laughs

2. I was finally able to help Conor with his school work, it's hard now he's in Year 12 there's so much I don't understand but yay! I can print out surveys for him.

3. And Yoda came to stay for a holiday, so happy to have him here with us, it makes me feel closer to Bek. Do you spy the gorgeous foot cushion Mum made me for my birthday, I love them and Yoda seems to have laid claim to them immediately.

Hagrid gets very territorial when the other dogs visit ( and a little crazy).  So when he saw me taking a photo of Yoda, I had to take one of him too, he even ran into my room to pose for me. So so funny.

5. and finally this pattern Mccalls 6166 which you can buy here, I've been looking for a tunic type top in case my favourite black one wears out and I think this might be the one.

Wednesday 18 August Happy thoughts

1. Coming home while the sun is shining!

2. Looking forward to Carbonara cooked by Conor for dinner yay!

3. Making it through a whole day at work, i so didn't feel up to it today, tired and recovering from a cold.

4. Getting a Free bus ride to work, gotta love it when the GoCard machine breaks down!

5. Knowing people missed me while i was away from work, as a temp you don't always think they care.

6. Yay! Conor washed Haggy, no more smelly, grubby dog sleeping on my bed. Can you believe how dirty that water is, Haggy is such a ragamuffin and gets so grubby rolling around in the dirt in the back yard. Can you see how unimpressed he looks, Hagrid hates having a bath.

7. and finally i finished my needlework, I made this for darling Bek, for her birthday this year, a little angel sprinkling star dust on the Southern Cross - this is how i like to think of her!  I love you and miss you beautiful girl, i don't think I'll ever get used to not having you around.