Monday, 14 June 2010

Team 4

June 8

Here we are at 4am, ready to go out and start surveying, we ended up with quite a few more people than are in this picture, but we had a good mix of experienced outreach workers a few police officers and 3 of us without any experience whatsoever. Kim, standing in front has to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I felt so lucky to be on her team. I was quite frustrated as I couldn't convince anyone to complete the survey this morning, we did end up doing 4 surveys but I got quite a few nos. I met a man who thought he didn't count as he wasn't going to be homeless anymore as he has bought a car to live in!


Monday 7 June

So I attended the Training and the launch of 50 lives 50 homes tonight, I was really nervous, I didn't know a soul, I felt very out of place. But it got worse, once we were in our groups and I joined Brisbane CBD, we had to talk about ourselves, omg! So my reasons for joining this project, there are a few, one of which is to give something back to St Mary's for all the support they gave our family, when Bek was dying, but the most important reason I had for participating was that I really feel like I'm at a point in life where I have to change what I'm doing and move away from the corporate world and do something that gives back to the world. Kim our team leader called it a crossroads, which is I guess the right name to give this juncture in my life.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

January 5

On Tuesday, Conor and I were back to book covering, although it was a very tedious job and almost drove us nuts, we did have a lot of fun working together.
We also watched 3 seasons of Stargate Atlantis in a row, which was a lot of fun!

January 4

so far behind loading my P. 365 photos so am going to upload 2 a day to catch up!
Our new router, yay to be back on wireless. It has been so difficult sharing one computer with internet access. Conor and I really are so bad at sharing!