Tuesday, 12 October 2010

11.10.2010 5 things

1. We finally cut Hagrid's nails, OMG what a drama, i think he thinks we're cutting off his foot, he struggles so much.  But at least he'll stop falling over on the polished floors now. He's also had a haircut doesn't he look fine? 2. Conor is sick, he has a cold and his asthma is playing up
3. I missed the pharmacy it closed early, which is very frustrating, But Sue to the rescue!  Sue (Our freiendly Neighbourhood Pharmacist) bought home some ventolin for Conor just in case!
4. Conor cooked Yummy Beef Stroganoff (from Master Chef) for dinner, I am so spoilt! either that or he doesn't like my cooking.
5. It's still raining! i have no clean, dry clothes, in fact i have given up on drying clothes! I am bringing in the washing damp and ironing it and putting it away, it seems to be working, well sort of.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

happy thoughts

1. Such a great day working with Kerrie, Sianne and Emily, lots of laughs

2. I was finally able to help Conor with his school work, it's hard now he's in Year 12 there's so much I don't understand but yay! I can print out surveys for him.

3. And Yoda came to stay for a holiday, so happy to have him here with us, it makes me feel closer to Bek. Do you spy the gorgeous foot cushion Mum made me for my birthday, I love them and Yoda seems to have laid claim to them immediately.

Hagrid gets very territorial when the other dogs visit ( and a little crazy).  So when he saw me taking a photo of Yoda, I had to take one of him too, he even ran into my room to pose for me. So so funny.

5. and finally this pattern Mccalls 6166 which you can buy here, I've been looking for a tunic type top in case my favourite black one wears out and I think this might be the one.

Wednesday 18 August Happy thoughts

1. Coming home while the sun is shining!

2. Looking forward to Carbonara cooked by Conor for dinner yay!

3. Making it through a whole day at work, i so didn't feel up to it today, tired and recovering from a cold.

4. Getting a Free bus ride to work, gotta love it when the GoCard machine breaks down!

5. Knowing people missed me while i was away from work, as a temp you don't always think they care.

6. Yay! Conor washed Haggy, no more smelly, grubby dog sleeping on my bed. Can you believe how dirty that water is, Haggy is such a ragamuffin and gets so grubby rolling around in the dirt in the back yard. Can you see how unimpressed he looks, Hagrid hates having a bath.

7. and finally i finished my needlework, I made this for darling Bek, for her birthday this year, a little angel sprinkling star dust on the Southern Cross - this is how i like to think of her!  I love you and miss you beautiful girl, i don't think I'll ever get used to not having you around. 

Monday, 19 July 2010

A haircut - finally

14 July 2010
He finally got it cut, woo hoo! I know Bek loved Conor's hair long but I'm sure she would be happy to see his beautiful face. And we finally can, which is so exciting and even Conor is happy to have this haircut. another crazy day of sewing and we did finally get the whole suit finished by about 12.30am.  Conor just has the hem to do in the morning and it's all ready to go.  conor tried on the suit tonight to make sure he was happ with the way it all looked together and he is, which is good because he would be wearing it anyway.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Sew busy...........

Sew here's  Conor at 10.30pm last night madly sewing away on his suit jacket. Conor fell in love with a Hugo Boss suit at Myers in the city, when I wouldn’t buy it for him he decided to make it! And so the saga began. The formal is tomorrow night, at this stage he has a jacket with a silk lapel and no buttons and pants with a zip but no side seams. which could make for an interesting look, I'm wondering how his partner will feel about his outfit.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Team 4

June 8

Here we are at 4am, ready to go out and start surveying, we ended up with quite a few more people than are in this picture, but we had a good mix of experienced outreach workers a few police officers and 3 of us without any experience whatsoever. Kim, standing in front has to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met and I felt so lucky to be on her team. I was quite frustrated as I couldn't convince anyone to complete the survey this morning, we did end up doing 4 surveys but I got quite a few nos. I met a man who thought he didn't count as he wasn't going to be homeless anymore as he has bought a car to live in!


Monday 7 June

So I attended the Training and the launch of 50 lives 50 homes tonight, I was really nervous, I didn't know a soul, I felt very out of place. But it got worse, once we were in our groups and I joined Brisbane CBD, we had to talk about ourselves, omg! So my reasons for joining this project, there are a few, one of which is to give something back to St Mary's for all the support they gave our family, when Bek was dying, but the most important reason I had for participating was that I really feel like I'm at a point in life where I have to change what I'm doing and move away from the corporate world and do something that gives back to the world. Kim our team leader called it a crossroads, which is I guess the right name to give this juncture in my life.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

January 5

On Tuesday, Conor and I were back to book covering, although it was a very tedious job and almost drove us nuts, we did have a lot of fun working together.
We also watched 3 seasons of Stargate Atlantis in a row, which was a lot of fun!

January 4

so far behind loading my P. 365 photos so am going to upload 2 a day to catch up!
Our new router, yay to be back on wireless. It has been so difficult sharing one computer with internet access. Conor and I really are so bad at sharing!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

January 3

Photos of 3 puppies in the back of Bek's car on their way home after having Dinner at our house. I tried to fix Clementine's eyes in the first photo but i don't like the way it turned out. the second photo is of Clementine and Yoda with no editing and the dogs look quite demonic!

January 1

Conor spent a very hot afternoon Mowing the lawn, only 2 weeks later it is already long again.
It seems to grow while we watch in Summer, it must be all the rain we had!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

and my Daily photos

Conor and his car, it's finally here.
A photo of the beautiful Christmas tree at the Mater, I spent the day with Bek up at the hospital as she had round 2 of her Chemo treatment.
I was feeling a bit fluey on New Years Eve, so stayed home and finished reading my book, An Echo in the Bone another volume in the Diana Gabaldon Outlander Series of Jamie and Clare but I am so confused it looks like I have to start the series all over again.
I'm not sure what happened to December 30, but on January 1, we used Conor's Do nut maker for the very first time, and it was yummy! we made chocolate chip do nuts and I am afraid to say we ate them all over the next couple of days.

More Christmas day catch up- this one's all about Bek

Here's Bek on Christmas day in her twirly whirly Christmas dress, she looks soo pretty. She is also wearing the little hair band that Sharon got her, it's lovely.
Another blurry photo, but still a good one of the three of us.
Bek with Yoda, Yoda is trying to get his little present a wrapped up smacko from Bek, these met with varying success, Yoda determinedly (sp?) chewed through the paper to get to the Smacko, Hagrid was not interested at all until later when he was hand fed the treat as befits the little prince he is. Slick was too well behaved to rip up the paper to get to the treat and Mum had to help Scooter and Clementine
Mum and Bek relaxing after the present opening extravaganza, watching a movie while Adam and Jerry cooked Christmas lunch (Donna and I helped by peeling the potatoes)
one of Bek and I.
One for Aunty Lesley, this phot is of Bek and her little man you got her.
Bek and some pretty flash looking gardening implements below and above with the little present I made her
And just some of the many DVDs Bek received for Christmas, i saw many movie marathons in our future.