Thursday, 31 December 2009

Dec 28 - Dinner at Indus

So we all got together on Monday to have dinner together before Adam and Donna went back to Melbourne. We had a wonderful night, Bek declared it was her best Christmas Ever, and raved about the dhal. Mum loved the Dhal too while Adam enjoyed the Burramundi and the prawns, Jerry had a Vindaloo and was looking very flushed but it was a lot of fun.

Conor and I (below) I still haven't perfected the one handed photo shot.
Another of them all as i was trying to line the photo up.
Bek looked so lovely, Sharon gave her the little headband and it looks lovely on Bek.
And one of Jerry looking flushed, i'm not sure if it was the beer or the Vindaloo!

Christmas Day catch up - It's all about Jerry and some Bek

I thought I'd put up some photos of Jerry and Bek, just in case any of the Fitzgibbons are reading today.

Still trying to catch up on my Christmas posts, Photos of Jerry and Bek at Christmas this year. We all got together at Bek and Jerry's for Christmas this year and woo hoo they have air conditioning, so we all had a lovely if somewhat cool day. The photo above is taken at lunch, Jerry got a new hat for Christmas from Bek!

We were running out of room at the table cos we had such awesome food, so we had to sit the ham on a stool next to Jerry, he looks a little besotted here. ( i forgot to mention that Jerry did some fantastic cooking on Christmas day, he and Adam did the Turkey and I'm pretty sure that the potatoes were all done by Jerry and they tasted awesome and even better there were enough for everyone to have at least 1/2 a kilo each.

And another photo of Bek and Jerry in their Christmas finery, Jerry gave Bek the sweet little dress.

A close up of Jerry in his Christmas hat, and yay his eyes are open, not sure how many photos I had to take on the day to get Jerry to keep his eyes open.

See here is a photo of Jerry trying to keep his eyes open for the photo too funny. Mum got Conor and Jerry one of these each, so next time you see them both, they will probably be rolly polly, I am currently searching for low fat do nut recipes for them both so if you find some send them on thru.
And the last one is for the Canada contingent, I think if I remember correctly Al may have had something to do with this one.
Merry Christmas to you all, and Happy New Year!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Chocolate pancakes with Wildberry ice cream and Christmas Cooking

We finally had our traditional Christmas Breakfast today, albeit a little late. We didn't get to have breakfast on Christmas Day as I was still busy finishing off Christmas presents. I can't even remember what we ate for breakfast on Christmas day. So today we had Chocolate pancakes with wild-berry ice cream for breakfast! It was very good.
I also thought I'd take a chance to share our Christmas cooking. I had many plans for Cooking special Christmas dishes but ran out of time, i was so busy luckily Conor took over. He is such an awesome cook and did fantastic jobs of all the cooking we had planned. I did manage to get these little guys done, and I was so happy with how they turned out love them they are just too cute. The idea came from Elle's Studio Blog , The recipe was from one on the Tarisota blog by Mel Goodsell and the little tag came form The Scrap Heap.

Last year Mum and I had Christmas lunch at Rydges at Southbank and we had these gorgeous little Salmon Mousse's for a starter, I wanted to recreate them but had trouble finding a recipe until Christmas Eve when I spied one in the December Women's Weekly. Conor made the mousse on Christmas morning such a sweetie, (even though he hates salmon ), I also didn't have time to get the Salmon Roe, which was disappointing the mousse tasted great but would have been even better with the roe, maybe next year.
Conor also glazed the Ham this year on Christmas Eve, it was wonderful, he used a Maple syrup glaze and it tasted so good. We had some for dinner on Christmas Eve as well, with potato salad, an awesome dinner.
For his finale, Conor made this amazing ice cream cake requested by Bek, it was icecream layered with gluten free biscuits and cherries, topped with sprinkles of flake, the recipe for this came from the Dec Super Food ideas magazine, it tasted so good, and was gluten free as well so everyone could eat it.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Dec 26, 25 and Dec 3 catch up

A very quiet day at home after the madness of Christmas yesterday. Conor and I were both exhausted after having hay fever and asthma for most of the day yesterday, but we are all better now.
Conor spent most of the day making this little guy for one of his friends for a birthday present, it's his birthday today and Conor has gone off to a party, it's a sleepover as well so I am trying not to worry. Conor used a Gingerbread man template and was so happy with the way it turned out, it is the most adorable looking ninja, so cute.
And here's a photo of Conor all dressed up and ready to go to the party. I can't beleive how grown up he is and independent too.
The next photo is of us all and the aftermath of our Christmas present opening extravaganza yesterday, everyone was so thoroughly spoilt and we had such a wonderful day together.
And a photo Catch up. I am so far behind on my December daily but am still determined to show you all the photos. The next photo is of Bek, this was her first day back on Chemo and to cheer her up and to help her get some rest in hospital, I bought her this gorgeous little eye mask from Kitten D'amour , she loved it. It is just so pretty, here she is trying it on.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Laksa - Dec 14 - summer reading & Dec 2 - cute little gingerbread person

So Conor went to stay at Bek's tonight, which means i can cook myself a yummy Laksa for dinner. Conor will eat spicy food but prefers not to, so i thought I'd take advantage of his absence and cook a very yummy dinner for one.

These arrived in the mail yesterday, i'm so excited i can't wait to finish work and get stuck in to some light reading. I generally read one of these in an evening, which is a great way to spend an evening in summer with all the repeats and the lame shows on at the moment.

and a catch up photo, i finished this little guy on Dec 2, he's for my Christmas skirt which I'm hoping to finish any day now.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Dec 1 - Advent Calendar

So thankful I could finish this on time for Conor (I also made one for Bek and she loved hers). I thought Conor maybe would be too old for this and would think it was lame but he rang me at work this morning to see if he could open today’s! So I guess he is into it. Everyone loves getting presents and teenage boys are no exception.