Wednesday, 30 April 2008

snuggle bug, long and dairy

and the prompt for yesterday was long:To measure a great distance from end to end. Find something long in your space today.
So after much searching for something Long to show you i finally remembered the weeds we are growing in our backyard, they have gottena little out of control since our mower broke down a few weeks back but all is better now and we will get rid of these little beauties on the weekend but isn't it funny, they almost look pretty in this photo LOL

So photo prompt is Dairy: Milk or milk products. Find some in your space today.
so whenever i think dairy this is what i see, i have not been able to have lactose since Conor and I had Rota virus about 12years ago! It used to be a lot worse but i find now i can tolerate small amounts of Dairy which means i some times get to eat another form of dairy CHEESECAKE woohoo!

How cute is this little bunny! Doesn't he have an awesome life, he gets to snuggle all day long while we're out at work and school, he doesn't do any jobs or anything! LOL

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Lo's from anzac long weekend

Some LO's i did this weekend trying to get all my Challenges finished, i'm so far behind!
Some very old photos for this aussle! I found a roll of film recently and these photos were on it , I haven't worked out how old they are yet, but they are pretty old from an Easter long ago LOL

I added some flowers from the little Making memories pack I got in my Pizza box this little kit is just so cute!

This one uses a Becky Fleck sketch, unfortunatly I cut 1 side of the circle last night and 1 side this morning and (sigh) used different templates, so it doesn't meet up! I am such a goose LOL

I only added the button, some bits of ribbon to fix up the circle and some thickers letters to this aussle, i love these!
so the circle is a bit askew!
these photos are of my holiday in Sydney last year, my sister and i caught the ferry to Manly for the Jazz festival, we had an awesome day!

This one is an Aussle the photos are from a trip Conor, Malu and I took on the Ferry last year on her last day in Brisbane

this next one is for the challenge to use at least 3 making memory products, i used a few more that 3, i love the little box of blossoms and buttons from the new fifth avenue range so cute!