Thursday, 21 February 2008


To put oneself in a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited.

So Scooter has come to stay while my Mum is on holidays, i took this photo not long after Scooter arrived and it's a bit of a 'stand off' here between the 2 dogs.

Hagrid is really not impressed with Scooter staying here and patrols the edge of the couch so Scooter can't jump up on it. Hagrid definantly treats Scooter as an intruder! if we pat or play with Scooter, Hagrid gets so mad and will often ignore us unless we pay him some attention. Hagrid really is very posessive dog to own, but we love him anyway!

just a quick post

so I had a day at home yesterday as i am completely exhausted!
I'm a little bit over my job atm as i have no time to do anything anymore, at least i'm sleeping a little better as the dogs are finally settling down and sleeping through the night.
I swear it's like having a newborn baby, only smellier LOL
so i finished off this layout form Conor's birthday in January, this is also my aussle entry, i have again signed up to do the monthly challenges over on Aussie as it makes me scrap, i also signed up to do the Daily challenges too and to top it all off i decided to do Christina's card challenges!
Talk about spreading myself thinly this month it's really not working with the 60 hour week i worked last week.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

a LO

I finished off this Layout today of my dear friends Sharon and Allan who are getting married later this year.

I was truly alarmed when i saw this aussle as i have no couple photos but luckily i found this one that i took at Christmas dinner!