Tuesday, 22 January 2008

first aid, wrinkles and wardrobes

I'm excited to be trying to keep up with my photo challenges so am trying to join in at her space my space again, 'sigh' i know i'm very bad at this but today i decided to schedule a time in each day to do it so here I am it's 8pm and I had a quick check for the prompt and woo hoo it's an easy one for me:

Today I started my third First Aid course at Queensland Ambulance, yet again I'm the office First Aider, but everyone is under strict instructions not to need any first aid during work hours, as I really don't want to have to save them, but I will if I have too!
It wasn't too bad, I think that every course I do I get a little better at making bandages and CPR, although it would help if they stopped changing the rules.

And while I'm here doing the blogging thing I wanted to share with you my photo for Jan 3 prompt which was white:

This is the fantastic wardrobe Conor and Mum found for me, after months of living in this house without a wardrobe, I had had enough and challenged Conor and Mum to find me a wardrobe for $100 and it had to be white to match my bedroom. And they did, they found it in an Op shop for $39 and then they painted it! Inside and Out how lucky am I! and I love it, it is so nice to have my clothes hanging and away instead of on the laundry rack thingy I had. Aren't they both so clever and my Mum who knows me so well insisted on finishing all the painting and getting it ready for me to use because I would just put it downstairs and wait till I got some 'time' to do it yeah right it would sit there for a very long time while I scrapped!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I failed

sheesh, so much for my photo a day LOL
how bad am i, life just keeps on getting away from me.
so i thought i 'd share what i've been doing this weekend
here's a couple of Layouts:

Conor at 2 almost 3 i think what a cutie he was/is! another aussle from the scrap heap

and here's another Layout of Conor and I on Christmas day, I love this Layout of the 2 of us it really makes me smile, I'm so bad at taking these self portrait shots but we had a lot of fun!
And did I tell you how lucky we were on Christmas day, after missing the first bus because it left early argh! Conor and I raced into the city and ran up the hill to Central with our little trolley of presents only to miss our train by about 5 mins. I noticed there was a Ferny Grove train leaving so I thought we could jump on that, at least that way we would be closer to mum's, but we arrived on the platform just as the train was leaving, we were sad!
the driver stopped for us! Can you believe what a sweetie he was/is. I almost lost my thongs hopping on the train which was pretty funny but we made it, we got off somewhere on the way to Ferny Grove and Mum picked us up.
and here's a couple of cards I made, I'm joining in Tina's challenge for a card a day! yeah right I've done 2 out of 19 oh dear
here they are:
and another I just used up leftovers form the aussles

so bye for now I should be back later with my photo for yesterday I can't wait to show you what my grandparents bought me!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

photo a day

so i'm back at work ugh
just a quick post to upload my photo a day for this year so:
here's Monday night or New Years Eve:

so a very Happy New Year to you all, Conor and I had a very quiet New Years Eve, i finished off my challenges for Aussie with minutes to spare and Conor and i just hung out, we toasted the New Year with apple and Berry juice LOL and went to bed not long after.
Tuesday or New Years Day
this is what we did all day:
and it's so hard! so much sky!
the weather in Brisbane has been wet and rainy, perfect days for hanging out at home and just doing not much at all, we watched a couple of DVD's but mainly just hung out
Wednesday January 2
and i'm back at work, i left Conor at home lying on the couch watching the telly - so not fair
i snapped this photo on the way home yesterday, i thought it looked really pretty
and then there's today and i'm sitting here all alone in the office, everyone has gone home early, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to take a photo of my desk
so this is where i sit, how messy is this desk LOL can you see my new pink diary i love it so much, so have a great night everyone.