Sunday, 7 December 2008

Dec 7

Todays photo is of our little book haul we made today at Big W and Borders. I'm afraid we quite badly broke our rule of not buying books today. It's not that we have anything against buying books, we just love them to much and we have no room for the books we already have without adding to our collection. So the rule is we can't buy books, we have to get them from the library. Hopefully these should keep Conor busy for the rest of the week, although he has already finshed one of them 'sigh'!
A run down of this weeks reading:
  • Obernewtyn Isabelle Carmody - as soon as i saw this in Big W, i knew i had to buy it, i love this series so much and have already read the 6 books (i'm hanging out for the final installment). I had already decide to break my rule earlier this month and buy this series so when i saw it at Big W for $14.95, i had to have it, and i'm hoping 'conor will read these books too they are just so beautiful.

  • Rangers Apprentice: the Kings of Clonmel John Flanagan - one for Conor, i haven't read these so son't know anything about them except they seenm to be one of the latest series of books Conor is reading. No doubt now that we own one of these, i will probably read it, when I am desperately searching for something to read one night.

  • Necropolis: Welcome to the City of the Dead Athony Horowitz - and another for Conor, and again i know nothing about this series, the cover looks good though a very scary skull.

  • Artemis Fowl : the Graphic Novel Eoin Colfer - how we love Artemis Fowl, conor and I, we've read them all and Conor wanted to get this one for his little brother Kade for Christmas. As it's in comic style he thought it would be a fun way to introduce Kade to the Fairies and worlds of Artemis Fowl. However Conor also had another motive LOL and managed to read this little book this afternoon. (I'm just hoping I have enough time to read it before he wraps it as well.

  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard JK Rowling - well we had to buy this, we have every other Harry Potter book, although i have to say i'm quite relieved Harry's not in this one, as i really am rather tired of him.

  • Bon Appetit - not really a book at all, but a diary for me for 2009. i had to have this, i love this style of drawing, i have no idea what it's called (maybe Adam could help). As always with a new diary i can't wait to start puttin things in it and hopefully getting organised for next year.
So that's them all, and what a huge monologue i wonder how many of you made it this far.
Sleep well.

Dec 1

A couple of catch up photos for Tracey C's Challenge.
2 Photos from Dec 1 , On Monday Bel and I came home to a fantastic surprise, Conor had gone mad and cleaned the house! And he wasn't finished there, he mowed the front lawn for me as well! Even though it was getting dark, so i had to take a photo for Tracey's challenge of my gorgeous lovely boy. Thanks so much babe!

I also managed to finish my christmas cards for the Christms card swap, i can't beleive how far behind i am in all my projects this year. So here they are......
please excuse the photo but i have ns photoediting software on my little laptop, Conor has said he'll put some on for me tomorrow.

I cheated a bit with the design for my cards, I signed up for the Jingle Bells series of classes over at Kim Archer Workshops at Home. I loved all the little projects and can't wait to do them all. I uploaded a heap of photos to snapfish today so i can finish another little project this week.

I've also been trying to catch up on my IT stuff at The Scrap Heap, but with the terrible week last week, i felt like i was in a losing battle. Hopefully this week will be different and everything will be completed.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Remembrance Day

I was so proud of these guys on Remembrance Day, the weather was terrible, they played in the rain and the wind, they were cold and miserable, but they did an awesome job.
It was truly a privilege to see the work they put in for this performance, they did their school proud and were amazing!
Oh and a photo below of my boy Conor, je's pretty amazing too!

my new toy

woohoo check it out!
look what i got!and here I am, sitting in bed, watching telly and updating my blog:

so much fun

so here's the story, Conor and I went shopping to buy him a laptop for school, we were going to get him a little Dell mini, but he thought it would't be able to do all the thing he wanted it too, so we came to a comporomise and bought this little laptop so I could use it when Conor monopolises the big computer playing his games and doing his homework and Conor can use it for school. I'm having so much fun with it!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

it's been so long

Oh My Goodness!
I haven't posted since August, very bad am I
just a couple of photo posts from MSHS, to get back in the swing of things, as i am going to start Ali Edwards week in the life of Challenge today. I'm going to do from now, yep right this minute till 12pm next Tuesday and see how i go LOL

should make for interesting reading (not)

so some photos
first up is my Show off Sunday, i took this photo when we were staying on the Gold Coast for Sharon's wedding, i loved the photo iit turned out so well but i also just wanted to jump right on that ship and go wherever it was going!

next up is my Someone's Portrait Saturday!
I'm so proud of this photo i took of Sharon, i had to zoom right in on her face as i was sitting about 3 rows back, so i had to zoom through elbow, shoulders and arms to get this one but i did and the phot turned out beautifully
last of all is my waiting shot! here is Conor at the bus stop on Saturday wating for the bus yet again! i have to stop getting Conor to look up the bus time table as he invariably looks up the wrong day, however this time he got it right the bus was just 1/2 an hour late incredibly

i'll be back tomorrow with my first 24 hrs of photos i hope see you then!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

HSMS photo catch up

Playing along again with my new camera woo hoo

here is my J for Jordan:

my V for Victory
(I'm quite proud of this one):

and my S for Sugar

now to find Q, i think this may be difficult!

have a great day!

Monday, 14 July 2008

The Greatest Love of All

having a little play tonight because i managed to get home from work early, and Conor is cooking me roast chicken for dinner.

I am really going to be sad when he goes back to school, and we go back to the mad evening rush, it's so nice to come home to a yummy cooked dinner every night.

Anyway here's my puppy, most people would think that the greatest love of all would be for my child LOL and it is BUT the love this little guy gives us each and every day is unbelievable.

This little guy just loves us to bits!
and a little background behind the song thanks to Shannon :
Greatest Love of All” is the fourth and final single released from Whitney Houston’s self-titled first studio album, Whitney Houston, released in April 1986.
When Linda Creed wrote the lyrics, she was in the midst of her struggle with breast cancer. The words describe her feelings about coping with a terminal illness and being a young mother. She eventually succumbed to the disease and died on April 1986 (at the age of 37), the same month that the single was released.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Present for Adam

I made this clock for my brother for his birthday last month, i was a little concerned he wouldn't like it with all the pretty flowers on it, but he did woo hoo. the little quote in the middles says "Laughter is the sparkle of the soul"! such a gorgeous quote i thought.
I used the instructions provided in Beryl's IT kit from The Scrap Heap, but i don't think there are any kits left in the online shop.
They make such quick and easy gifts.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Conor's injury!

It Doesn't look like much, does it?
Warning Gross picture following!but here it is without the bandage, you can see right down into the Subcutaneous fat/tissue ugh!

Conor cut his arm open on the hook (where you put your bag) on the toliet door in the Myer toilets on Saturday afternoon ( we were shopping for enormous shoes for his feet) so we spent about an hour in Myer while they first aided him and then we had to go to the doctor as they thought he'd need stitches
it was very deep and we could see his Subcantaneous fats (how clever am i to remember that word although i'm sure i spelt it wrong)
poor little bunny or big one as he is very tall, came out of the toilets in tears (it's been a long time since i've seen him like that)

but no stitches ( much to Conor's dismay, he thought stitches would be cooler!) the Doctor used Glue instead


To give intellectual, moral or social instruction. Find 'educate' in your space today.

Just when i thought i'd run out of ideas i saw this sign on my way to work this morning!

Monday, 19 May 2008

time for the fire

It was freezing yesterday!
So cold Conor and I decided to have a movie day, we watched the end of The Godfather, Shrek 3 and Starship Troupers, it was a great day, i also did some scrapping and made some cards, Conor read a book and made some yummy mini brownies!
Here's a photo of Conor lighting the fire!

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

snuggle bug, long and dairy

and the prompt for yesterday was long:To measure a great distance from end to end. Find something long in your space today.
So after much searching for something Long to show you i finally remembered the weeds we are growing in our backyard, they have gottena little out of control since our mower broke down a few weeks back but all is better now and we will get rid of these little beauties on the weekend but isn't it funny, they almost look pretty in this photo LOL

So photo prompt is Dairy: Milk or milk products. Find some in your space today.
so whenever i think dairy this is what i see, i have not been able to have lactose since Conor and I had Rota virus about 12years ago! It used to be a lot worse but i find now i can tolerate small amounts of Dairy which means i some times get to eat another form of dairy CHEESECAKE woohoo!

How cute is this little bunny! Doesn't he have an awesome life, he gets to snuggle all day long while we're out at work and school, he doesn't do any jobs or anything! LOL

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Lo's from anzac long weekend

Some LO's i did this weekend trying to get all my Challenges finished, i'm so far behind!
Some very old photos for this aussle! I found a roll of film recently and these photos were on it , I haven't worked out how old they are yet, but they are pretty old from an Easter long ago LOL

I added some flowers from the little Making memories pack I got in my Pizza box this little kit is just so cute!

This one uses a Becky Fleck sketch, unfortunatly I cut 1 side of the circle last night and 1 side this morning and (sigh) used different templates, so it doesn't meet up! I am such a goose LOL

I only added the button, some bits of ribbon to fix up the circle and some thickers letters to this aussle, i love these!
so the circle is a bit askew!
these photos are of my holiday in Sydney last year, my sister and i caught the ferry to Manly for the Jazz festival, we had an awesome day!

This one is an Aussle the photos are from a trip Conor, Malu and I took on the Ferry last year on her last day in Brisbane

this next one is for the challenge to use at least 3 making memory products, i used a few more that 3, i love the little box of blossoms and buttons from the new fifth avenue range so cute!

Sunday, 23 March 2008

midnight visitor

ok so it wasn't midnight, early evening actually when we had one of these guys crawling across the front lawn.

There are a couple of international students in our street and we saw them following this guy (nicknamed Todd by Conor) down the street with the torch. By the time I got hold of the snake man we had quite a congregation outside our house. It was all very exciting but the snake man said he'd rather not, and not to hurt the snake (he was very worried i was going to hurt it) but if we leave it alone it'll just go away! All 7 feet of him, so to our neighbours dismay who are still sleeping with their windows closed i beleive, we let Todd crawl off into the bushes beside our house. We haven't seen him again but we keep a close eye on Haggy when he's in the backyard in case Todd thinks of having him for dinner.

Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter VC

some Layouts i've been doing this weekend

i love 2 scoops sooooo much it's just gorgeous
my SIL at my house last year we celebrated her birthday, not the best photos but i wanted to record it as we've never all been together for her birthday (there will be another page for this one)

and another one
i started out with a sketch for this one, but it sort of took on it's own life. i couldn't get a full size copy of the bnw photo so i printed it on bazzill so it didn't look so bad, i quite like the result
this is Conor me and a good friend of mine Courtney, we went out for dinner a couple of weeks ago and Conor wanted photos of us doing gangsta poses LOL, we always have the best time hanging out with Courtney. Funny thing happened at the restaurant though, the security guy told Conor how he would go about getting in to nightclubs!!!

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

floods in Cairns

An overflowing of a large amount of liquid. Find a 'flood' in your space today.

Freshwater Creek, Cairns
look at that water!

  • I remember the wet season in Cairns,

  • i remember school being cancelled because the water was so high

  • i remember driving through the streets of Cairns with Dad in the old holden, he was never worried about driving in the floods

  • i remember a cyclone off Cairns, that we woke up too, when we were skiing on the tablelands with Steve when we lived in Buchan street

  • i remember the ski club guys had to hold mum's gemini on the bridge crossing the little mulgrave, cos it was so light it started floating off down the river

  • i remember later that day we got back to Cairns and decided to go water skiing down the inlet because there was nothing to do

  • i remember the sea snake that curled itself around Dawn's ski when she threw it in to the water, she waited a little while and jumped in after it and went for a ski

  • i remember swimming in the flood waters at the creek on the way to redlynch

  • i remember getting a call from David that we would still be opeing at Playpen one night in the midst of a cyclone

  • i remember playing cards with Ross later that night in the midst of a cyclone

  • i remember taped windows

  • i remember not long after we moved to Brisbane in 1995 when it rained and rained, Bek had not long had her license and was driving all over doing supply teaching and i was so worried about her

  • i remember the train tracks being washed out and getting stuck in Mackay with Dad on the train, one little sleeper, one adult and 3 kids - we had to fly back to Cairns and Mum in a tiny plane

Happy Birthday Grams

Conor and I took Mum and Susan out to dinner for her birthday. Mum wanted to go to Ahmet's at Southbank where they have belly dancing!

Bek, Conor, Jerry, Malu and i went there for dinner last year and had an awesome time. I was a little reluctant though as last time we weren't very impressed with the food, but let me tell you that the food this time was beautiful and we all enjoyed it heaps
i love this photo i took of Conor being silly with Gramma, Mum always closes her eyes in photos so Conor thought he had the solution LOL

and then there was the belly dancing, a beautiful blonde belly dancer, she was awesome and had us all laughing and enjoying ourselves, the highlight of the night!

Thursday, 21 February 2008


To put oneself in a place or situation where one is unwelcome or uninvited.

So Scooter has come to stay while my Mum is on holidays, i took this photo not long after Scooter arrived and it's a bit of a 'stand off' here between the 2 dogs.

Hagrid is really not impressed with Scooter staying here and patrols the edge of the couch so Scooter can't jump up on it. Hagrid definantly treats Scooter as an intruder! if we pat or play with Scooter, Hagrid gets so mad and will often ignore us unless we pay him some attention. Hagrid really is very posessive dog to own, but we love him anyway!

just a quick post

so I had a day at home yesterday as i am completely exhausted!
I'm a little bit over my job atm as i have no time to do anything anymore, at least i'm sleeping a little better as the dogs are finally settling down and sleeping through the night.
I swear it's like having a newborn baby, only smellier LOL
so i finished off this layout form Conor's birthday in January, this is also my aussle entry, i have again signed up to do the monthly challenges over on Aussie as it makes me scrap, i also signed up to do the Daily challenges too and to top it all off i decided to do Christina's card challenges!
Talk about spreading myself thinly this month it's really not working with the 60 hour week i worked last week.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

a LO

I finished off this Layout today of my dear friends Sharon and Allan who are getting married later this year.

I was truly alarmed when i saw this aussle as i have no couple photos but luckily i found this one that i took at Christmas dinner!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

first aid, wrinkles and wardrobes

I'm excited to be trying to keep up with my photo challenges so am trying to join in at her space my space again, 'sigh' i know i'm very bad at this but today i decided to schedule a time in each day to do it so here I am it's 8pm and I had a quick check for the prompt and woo hoo it's an easy one for me:

Today I started my third First Aid course at Queensland Ambulance, yet again I'm the office First Aider, but everyone is under strict instructions not to need any first aid during work hours, as I really don't want to have to save them, but I will if I have too!
It wasn't too bad, I think that every course I do I get a little better at making bandages and CPR, although it would help if they stopped changing the rules.

And while I'm here doing the blogging thing I wanted to share with you my photo for Jan 3 prompt which was white:

This is the fantastic wardrobe Conor and Mum found for me, after months of living in this house without a wardrobe, I had had enough and challenged Conor and Mum to find me a wardrobe for $100 and it had to be white to match my bedroom. And they did, they found it in an Op shop for $39 and then they painted it! Inside and Out how lucky am I! and I love it, it is so nice to have my clothes hanging and away instead of on the laundry rack thingy I had. Aren't they both so clever and my Mum who knows me so well insisted on finishing all the painting and getting it ready for me to use because I would just put it downstairs and wait till I got some 'time' to do it yeah right it would sit there for a very long time while I scrapped!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

I failed

sheesh, so much for my photo a day LOL
how bad am i, life just keeps on getting away from me.
so i thought i 'd share what i've been doing this weekend
here's a couple of Layouts:

Conor at 2 almost 3 i think what a cutie he was/is! another aussle from the scrap heap

and here's another Layout of Conor and I on Christmas day, I love this Layout of the 2 of us it really makes me smile, I'm so bad at taking these self portrait shots but we had a lot of fun!
And did I tell you how lucky we were on Christmas day, after missing the first bus because it left early argh! Conor and I raced into the city and ran up the hill to Central with our little trolley of presents only to miss our train by about 5 mins. I noticed there was a Ferny Grove train leaving so I thought we could jump on that, at least that way we would be closer to mum's, but we arrived on the platform just as the train was leaving, we were sad!
the driver stopped for us! Can you believe what a sweetie he was/is. I almost lost my thongs hopping on the train which was pretty funny but we made it, we got off somewhere on the way to Ferny Grove and Mum picked us up.
and here's a couple of cards I made, I'm joining in Tina's challenge for a card a day! yeah right I've done 2 out of 19 oh dear
here they are:
and another I just used up leftovers form the aussles

so bye for now I should be back later with my photo for yesterday I can't wait to show you what my grandparents bought me!

Thursday, 3 January 2008

photo a day

so i'm back at work ugh
just a quick post to upload my photo a day for this year so:
here's Monday night or New Years Eve:

so a very Happy New Year to you all, Conor and I had a very quiet New Years Eve, i finished off my challenges for Aussie with minutes to spare and Conor and i just hung out, we toasted the New Year with apple and Berry juice LOL and went to bed not long after.
Tuesday or New Years Day
this is what we did all day:
and it's so hard! so much sky!
the weather in Brisbane has been wet and rainy, perfect days for hanging out at home and just doing not much at all, we watched a couple of DVD's but mainly just hung out
Wednesday January 2
and i'm back at work, i left Conor at home lying on the couch watching the telly - so not fair
i snapped this photo on the way home yesterday, i thought it looked really pretty
and then there's today and i'm sitting here all alone in the office, everyone has gone home early, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to take a photo of my desk
so this is where i sit, how messy is this desk LOL can you see my new pink diary i love it so much, so have a great night everyone.