Friday, 28 September 2007

i'm in Sydney

Well i'm here
this is the view from Bek's in Drummoyne , sorry it's not too clear i promise i'll take another photo tomorrow
I had a good day, went into the Sydney office and put lots of faces to names which was great, then checked out Balmain and tonight we're off to a party at some friends of Bek's in Balmain again
Bek and i went shopping for party prizes for games tonight which was fun, and we have planned some very silly games for tonight, pass the parcel, musical chairs and balloon races. v. silly

this is a photo of some of the lolly bags i made i love them

and last but not least todays photo prompt stamp

some lovely Australia Flora for you all
have a great night and talk to you all tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


My sponge i didn't want to show y'all my dirty old kitchen sponge LOL

so here's my bath one, unused LOL, not sure if i will use it, it still makes me sad to look at it!

y'see this little old sponge has come all the way from Brazil, from my gorgeous friend Malu's parents farm, and i think of her whenever i see it and how far away she is now.
I miss her heaps, especially at work.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Smelly Dog

HSMS prompt for today is dog and what a perfect prompt as i am in the midst of giving smelly dog (Hagrid) a haircut.
So here is my gorgeous boy

If you look closely you'll be able to see how shaggy he really is, he hates having a haircut and it generaly takes about a week to get it done *sigh*
Also in the news today, he he he
Conor has gone to Melbourne to stay with his dad for a couple of weeks, he is also hanging out with Adam and Donna for a few days too, (he's got your birthday present with him Adam woo hoo)
we took this photo yesterday at the airport, Conor's dad (he would say he is a very smart man LOL), well he told us the wrong time forthe plane because he knows just how hard it is for me to get up in the morning, since we have previously missed flights! anyway we had a lot of time to spare at the airport so we took some very bad photos, (and i know any normal person would have checked the time on the ticket but he told me 10.10am)
this is the best of a bad bunch

and from this photo y'all can see just how sick i look LOL

Friday, 21 September 2007

please please tell me.............

why it is that I believed a smelly teenage boy that if he stayed home on the last day of school he would do all the washing cos he has no clothes to take to Melbourne cos i haven't washed them (i ony wash what's in the washing basket and Conor can't find it in our 2 foot by 4 foot bathroom especially since it is about 3 feet round - Ok so i exagerate it wouldn't fit in the bathroom with these dimensions BUT the point is it's really really big and the bathroom is really really small and Conor can't see it argh)

but i digress

ok Conor decides to stay home today to get the washing done so do i.......
a) get home to all the washing neatly folded and put away?
b) is it in a lovely big pile in the living room on my chair?
c) is it still hanging out taking advantage of this lovely sunshine? or
d) is it even in the washing machine?

OK it was in the washing machine but since he only washed his clothes Conor didn't find the comic i put in the washing basket as a special treat for him for staying home and doing all the washing LOL

so yet again Conor will go to his father's and they will think that i never buy him clothes because he hasn't packed any because they are on the floor in his room
so they will buy him heaps of clothes so that they too can lie on the floor in his room argh!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

ya gotta love the blogging world! the lovely Linda from the UK, you can find her at
well she tells me that the plane is "........the Avro Avian which Bert Hinkler flew solo from Croydon (UK) to Darwin (AUS). G-EBOV is on display at the Queensland museum, Brisbane" now i know! woo hoo Linda you rock! go and visit Linda's blog she has some very cool hsms photos

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

hang and toilet talk - way too much information

what a day, seemed to be endless
i had to give in and finally take Conor to the Doctor and he had to go on antibiotics which really sucks and i got a lecture cos i keep forgetting to get his seratide refilled bad mother AGAIN
of course i missed my connecting bus and because i had to go to the toilet i ducked into the museum

aside( ok BCC - brisbane City Council- design note when you decided to spend millions of dollars on the freakin bus way where did you think we would go to the toilet huh, i mean it's ok after 10am cos the museum is open and at night i can mix with the stars at the Lyric theatre but what about if it's before 10am ) anyway enough of my rant

so back to the museum and the word prompt at HSMS for today was hang and there were literally millions of things hanging in the museum that i just couldn't decide what to photograph for you all but in the end i decided to get a photo of the plane
isn't it sweet, now i decided to get this cos i thought my dad might like he was an aircraft engineer only then i realizrd i had no idea what sort of plane it is, Dad would be able to tell me in a heartbeat i'm sure but........
so if anyone knows can they let me know cos i'm not likely to get back to the museum in opening hours for quite awhile, unless of course i'm very late for work again and have to go to the toilet

Saturday, 15 September 2007

for Lee - My crush

OK so i missed the deadline , so sorry Lee, life got away from me.

But i did do it sweetie
here's my entry for the first Category Stories challenge.
my crush
and the journaling is here:

for anyone looking at this and wondering what the?
the lovely Lee belongs to a new blog withe really sweet challenges, not the usual BOM or MAAM stuff but quirky stuff just the sort of thing Lee would do and it is here ...........
check it out there are some really gorgeous Lo's there, and lots of fun too, took me back to highschool a little bit, but lee you did Johnny so i had to think real hard about who i would do

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Music Concert

last night i got to go to Conor's school music concert, we were treated to perfomances by solo singers, vocal FX group, a string ensemble, the concert band and the stage band!

what a night so many talented kids! yet again i was impressed by the amazing work the music department i.e Cassandra has pulled together Yeronga SHS is so lucky to have her.

Conor played 7 pieces in all, which was quite an effort and i'm so happy to see how he is improving under Laura's tutelage

some photos:

my beautiful Boy

can you beleive how grown up he is getting?

and another one of the the whole band or as many as i could fit in the one photo. it was a great night even if i did miss dinner
and Bek if you are reading this there are more photos on face book sweetie

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


here's my thouhgtful Photo, Conor my son doing his homework tonight agh how he hates it LOL

he hates this photo too says he looks like an idiot (he actually used another word that i particularly hate so i won't use it! no not a swear word just a yucky school yard word)
Anyway since he hated the photo so much i let him do some editing on it before i posted it, but to me he looks beautiful! a little frustrated maybe but beautiful nevertheless.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Honey Toast

Did i tell you that i've given up yeast!
I've been trying to eliminate some of the toxins in my diet and yeast was the first one to goand it did mke a differenceit's just finding the bread that is a little difficult albeit impossible, it either costs a small fortune or tastes disgusting. At the moment i have the most disgusting Rye bread but the life saver is that crumpets do not contain yeast woo hoo
Anyway as i was saying I'm home sick with this flu again and craving my honey toast comfort food, I just ransacked the freezer and found 2 slices of white bread so i have just enjoyed my first ever honey toast on white bread this month and it was delish (trying hard not to think about the freezer burn or just how long that bread had been in the freezer Oh dear)

Photo prompts over at HSMP are:

Self Portrait Saturday, so obviously i need a bit of work on this but what about the gorgeous Jason Bourne in the background ooh la la!


and then its favourite photo Sunday and i have to share this one again

I took this one at Australia Zoo last month and i love the way i captured the crocodile mid lunge, look at how amazing those jaws look!! Can you beleeve the trainers get into the cages with these guys scary!

Have a great week everyone!