Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing day

and while it didn't feature any boxes, (really should look up the origins of that word!) and here's the meaning , it did feature painting, hammering and nailing.

we have a spare room under the house and we have been slowly getting it ready for Conor to use as a hang out like the basement room on that 70's show, although i am hoping that no dope smoking occurs in there. We've moved the old lounge suite down there and a rug, at the moment we are painting one of the walls for the home theatre. here's a photo i took earlier today as we were hammering the ceiling boards in place

so the room is a pretty decent size and Conor is pretty excited to have it all to himself, Mum's given him a microwave so he can make popcorn, we have plans to get a small fridge but will probably just wait and see what comes up on freecycle.

i have been busy today working on my little Christmas album, I decided to do one after seeing Ali Edwards one. i love her's and mine is starting to look kind of good too, i'll share soon i just have to print out a photo then i'll have a few completed pages to show you

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas past

a very old photo of my brother, sister and me at a Christmas party my Dad's girlfriend Kay took us too at the Lenin's hotel in Brisbane.

Thursday, 13 December 2007


Things have quietened down and we have moved into our new offices in West End, so life is getting much better and i've decided to get back into my photos on Her space My Space , so with the you are not behind just jump in where you are principle here is my photo for today.
The prompt for today is laces, so i get to show off my new corset that i bought last Friday night. It cost a small fortune but i love it to bits, it's just so pretty and feminine. i bought it from a shop in the city called Sex Kitten they have the most divine garments check it out.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

a Layout i did last weekend

I did this Layout last weekend of my little sister at the Manly Jazz festival, when we were in Sydney. She was trying to learn to skateboard, or relearn i should say as we used to do this when we were kids.' I really love this Layout it's so bright i don't usually do coplours like this.

This is an Aussle that i got from The Scrap Heap i can't believe these are still only $15 for 3 aussles, thanks Christine and have a great day everyone

Thursday, 15 November 2007


just got home form shopping and am off to bed, thought i'd have a glimpse at hsms to see what the prompt was and i can do this one really easily woo hoo

so here is Miniature

i love this cute little ring holder a couple of my new friends from China gave me for my birthday earlier this year, and it is just perfect for my ring too, no more sitting on the ledge above the kitchen sink for you.
so how easy was that night night everyone


woo hoo i have found a solution to my MSHS dilemma, i haven't had time to do this lately due to traveling to and from the temporary office, so i decided to do the photos in my luncha hour. This serves too purposes

1. i get to do my photos which i loved being a part of and

2. i have to stop work and have a break even if it is for only 5 mins

the downside is i have to find things to take photos of at work and i have limited soft ware on my computer so have to rely on my photo taking skills but hey i'm joining in.

So without further ado here is Collect..........

it seems i'm developing quite a little collection of these little express post tags

Academic Award

Well here he is my beautiful boy Conor winning an Academic award for year 9. I’m so proud of him; he’s worked so hard to get all his marks up across the board instead of doing really really well in some and not so well in others. Conor is a little disappointed because he wanted to get a subject award, but I’m hoping one day he’ll understand what this means. To me it means he’s getting ready for Year 11 and 12 when he’ll have to be brilliant in every subject he does.
So Conor sweetie, I am so proud of you!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

flourless orange cake

woo hoo i found a really great Recipe for a cake that Beka can eat

this cake was divine and we didn't even make the orange syrup ( i ran out of time)

Flourless orange cake with orange syrup

2 Valencia oranges
3 eggs
1 cup caster sugar
300g almond meal ( i only had 200g so i topped it up with some gluten free flour and still it tasted so good)
1 tsp baking powder

Orange Syrup
1 Valencia orange, extra
3/4 cup caster sugar

1. Preheat oven to 170 C. Grease a 22cm cake pan. Place whole oranges into a saucepan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins until tender. Drain. Repeat. Refresh under cold water and drain.

2. Coarsely chop warm oranges and remove and discard any pips, place into food processor and process until smooth.

3. Using electric beaters, whisk eggs and sugar until thick and creamy. Add processed orange mixture, almond meal and baking powder and gently fold until combined. Pour into pan and bake for 1 hour. Cool.

4. For syrup, remove peel from orange and cut into thin strips. Place into saucepan, cover with water and boil for 5 mins. Drain, returning water to pan and set aside peel. Squeeze juice from the peeled orange, and add to pan with sugar. Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves and syrup thickens. Spoon over cake. Sprinkle with orange strips and serve.

way tooo much information

here i am i'm back,
sorry i just haven't found the time to blog what with having to go to the other side of town for work sigh
plus i've been sick
i had a wee too much to drink on Melbourne cup, added to the truly dodgy food at the venue, i have ended up with a very bad case of food poisoning, was in pain for 5 days and thought "it'll just go away" uh uh Monday morning it hurt so bad and i was startin too feel very unwell so Mum made me go to the doctor and it turns out i have a Listeria infection in my intestines
which is so gross and really painful so have spent the past 2 days at home watching bad daytime TV and sleeping and i'm on these kick arse antibiotics
so it's back to work for me tomorrow sigh

Friday, 26 October 2007


well it's breast cancer awareness week and in honour of all the wonderful women and some men aho have fought this terrible disease i thought i'd join a challenge that Diana form Her Space My Space set on her blog

I know quite a few people that this disease has touched and my prayers are with you all so without further ado here's my LO tada..........
now i'm a bit of a prude so this is as good as it's going to get LOL, i had to do a crown on this because i've always wanted one y'see and now i've got one.
I hope you like it Diana and thanks for the inspiration.

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

my space

this is a lot embarrassing but i looked around the lounge room and this is my favourite place.
my scrapping space, i scrap on this little chest in front of TV on Friday nights and weekends usually watching murder and mayhem on telly the more gruesome the better.
My son is appalled at the mess my little chest is in and do i dare tell you that because i'm on leave the mess is spreading but what i love the most about this little chest is that it's on wheels and i can wheel it into the craft room to hide from people

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow ...........

Red and Yellow and Pink and Green, Purple and Orange and Blue
i can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow........
here they all are: a bit of a montage to catch up

Monday, 22 October 2007

for Bek and Jerry

2 layouts i finished today
i just love the first one it's of my beautiful sister Bek and Jerry
I'm so proud of you Bek, i know you read this so i have to say i'm so proud of the way you are facing this challenge, you are awesome, you rock and i love you to bits sweetie
these Lo's are for you and Jerry, i started them with you in mind and i almost didn't give them to you because i love them so much
now i'm off to find an Indigo photo for Her Space My Space challenge night everyone

show off Sunday

I wanted to show you this photo I took at Coffs on our roadtrip to Brisbane, we stopped off at the Doggie Beach, Yoda was so happy after being cooped up in the car all day, here's a photo of him running and running

i love the photo of the sky that i took though it's just magic and this has to be one of the most glorious places in the world just so beautiful
really showed me God's artistic talents

Sunday, 21 October 2007

some more

another couple of layouts from the weekend:

Conor hard at work doing his homework

and one of me blowing out the many candles on my birthday in August with gorgeous Caitlin
I love this LO, the papers gorgeous Basic Grey papers and the chippie flowers i painted them and inked them and i love the way they turned out

Non Swig VC

we've been having a bit of a Virtual Crop this weekend over on Aussilayouts,

so i thought I'd share some Layouts i've done this weekend:

this is one for Conor's school album, im making one for every month for Conor at Highschool to record his highschool years, luckily we get colour newsletters from Yeronga so it helps make these super easy.

bad blogger

sorry everyone
i have been a very bad blogger but the 3 hrs traveling to work everyday is doing my head in.
Thank god it's only for another 4 week and then we move back to West End AND i have next week off, a whole week, well almost i have to go in on Tuesday but only cos i'm such a control freak argh

so i wanted to share my self portrait with you, i took this photo at Byron a feww weeks back but it's just so funny - i look like such a wild woman, comes form not brusshing my hair for 2 days and then it was quite windy LOL
not the most flattering photo of me........

Sunday, 14 October 2007

some layouts and a card

thought i'd share some Layouts i did this weekend
i'm very behind on my photo challenges will endeavor to catch up tomorrow night, have just been feeling totally exhausted, worked heaps this week and got the office all moved over to Geebung, anyone want to come and take me to lunch LOL
so onto the layouts

Bek took the photo for this one and it's just absolutley beautiful, another BF sketch, i've done this before but it looks greatbelow is one i did awhile ago of Conor for his school album, I can't beleive how different it looks

and a card i made today

thanks for visiting

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


this one was easy lol
i wanted to share my gorgeous little teacup, saucer and plate set my mum gave me oooh about 26 years ago 'sigh',
we found this gorgeous little set at a garage sale when we were living in New Zealand with my Grandma in Wellington, Mum and Grandma loved going to garage sales and most weekends would find us out and about searching for stuff (never can have enough stuff)
anyway when we were leaving to come back to Australia to live, we had our own Gargae sale and Mum put this little set out to sell, i was devastated not just because she was selling our stuff, but i really didn't want to come backto Astralia, i was 14 and had just had plastic surgery and really felt like i was finally fitting in after years of being teased (i looked different y'see, I had a birthmark on my face),
so i remember being really upset that Mum wanted to sell this little set ( funny how little things represent so much) so Mum being Mum and really quite wonderful saw that i was upset and gave me this little set for my glory Box ( do girls still have Glory Boxes these days)
well the end of the story is that i never got married LOL and i don't drink tea, so this beautiful teacup and saucer sit up in my cupboard for no other purpose than to make me smile everytime i see them

just a little bit of happiness i guess,

finally an Autumn post

well after spending almost 24 hrs trying to come up with an Autumn photo for yesterdays prompt, which i thought was way to hard in spring in Australia

I was checking my diary tonight for tomorrows events (go flylady - you rock) and last weeks quote in my gorgeous Jane Austen diary is about Autumn so without further ado here is yesterdays photo:
now to find crockery sigh oh dear

I'm feeling really tired and a little sad too, have heaps to do at work, last day in the project office tomorrow,
i've made some great friends on this project but we'll keep in touch on facebook
so tomorrow i have to pack up our office, for the move to Geebung for a few weeks and then we'll be back in West End which is very cool, i really love working in West End

actually just reread that quote and it's kind of sad LOL

Monday, 8 October 2007

Show off Sunday and Good News!

so a photo i want to show off from my trip to Sydney, now i think maybe my sister Bek took this one but i'm going to claim it cos it's beautiful, and i wanted to share a photo of the harbour

and now for the good news

The company ihave been contracting too, offered me a permanent position today and i accepted it woo hoo
wow i love working here and now i get holiday, and sick pay and i'm just so excited woo hoo

Friday, 28 September 2007

i'm in Sydney

Well i'm here
this is the view from Bek's in Drummoyne , sorry it's not too clear i promise i'll take another photo tomorrow
I had a good day, went into the Sydney office and put lots of faces to names which was great, then checked out Balmain and tonight we're off to a party at some friends of Bek's in Balmain again
Bek and i went shopping for party prizes for games tonight which was fun, and we have planned some very silly games for tonight, pass the parcel, musical chairs and balloon races. v. silly

this is a photo of some of the lolly bags i made i love them

and last but not least todays photo prompt stamp

some lovely Australia Flora for you all
have a great night and talk to you all tomorrow

Tuesday, 25 September 2007


My sponge i didn't want to show y'all my dirty old kitchen sponge LOL

so here's my bath one, unused LOL, not sure if i will use it, it still makes me sad to look at it!

y'see this little old sponge has come all the way from Brazil, from my gorgeous friend Malu's parents farm, and i think of her whenever i see it and how far away she is now.
I miss her heaps, especially at work.

Monday, 24 September 2007

Smelly Dog

HSMS prompt for today is dog and what a perfect prompt as i am in the midst of giving smelly dog (Hagrid) a haircut.
So here is my gorgeous boy

If you look closely you'll be able to see how shaggy he really is, he hates having a haircut and it generaly takes about a week to get it done *sigh*
Also in the news today, he he he
Conor has gone to Melbourne to stay with his dad for a couple of weeks, he is also hanging out with Adam and Donna for a few days too, (he's got your birthday present with him Adam woo hoo)
we took this photo yesterday at the airport, Conor's dad (he would say he is a very smart man LOL), well he told us the wrong time forthe plane because he knows just how hard it is for me to get up in the morning, since we have previously missed flights! anyway we had a lot of time to spare at the airport so we took some very bad photos, (and i know any normal person would have checked the time on the ticket but he told me 10.10am)
this is the best of a bad bunch

and from this photo y'all can see just how sick i look LOL

Friday, 21 September 2007

please please tell me.............

why it is that I believed a smelly teenage boy that if he stayed home on the last day of school he would do all the washing cos he has no clothes to take to Melbourne cos i haven't washed them (i ony wash what's in the washing basket and Conor can't find it in our 2 foot by 4 foot bathroom especially since it is about 3 feet round - Ok so i exagerate it wouldn't fit in the bathroom with these dimensions BUT the point is it's really really big and the bathroom is really really small and Conor can't see it argh)

but i digress

ok Conor decides to stay home today to get the washing done so do i.......
a) get home to all the washing neatly folded and put away?
b) is it in a lovely big pile in the living room on my chair?
c) is it still hanging out taking advantage of this lovely sunshine? or
d) is it even in the washing machine?

OK it was in the washing machine but since he only washed his clothes Conor didn't find the comic i put in the washing basket as a special treat for him for staying home and doing all the washing LOL

so yet again Conor will go to his father's and they will think that i never buy him clothes because he hasn't packed any because they are on the floor in his room
so they will buy him heaps of clothes so that they too can lie on the floor in his room argh!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

ya gotta love the blogging world! the lovely Linda from the UK, you can find her at
well she tells me that the plane is "........the Avro Avian which Bert Hinkler flew solo from Croydon (UK) to Darwin (AUS). G-EBOV is on display at the Queensland museum, Brisbane" now i know! woo hoo Linda you rock! go and visit Linda's blog she has some very cool hsms photos

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

hang and toilet talk - way too much information

what a day, seemed to be endless
i had to give in and finally take Conor to the Doctor and he had to go on antibiotics which really sucks and i got a lecture cos i keep forgetting to get his seratide refilled bad mother AGAIN
of course i missed my connecting bus and because i had to go to the toilet i ducked into the museum

aside( ok BCC - brisbane City Council- design note when you decided to spend millions of dollars on the freakin bus way where did you think we would go to the toilet huh, i mean it's ok after 10am cos the museum is open and at night i can mix with the stars at the Lyric theatre but what about if it's before 10am ) anyway enough of my rant

so back to the museum and the word prompt at HSMS for today was hang and there were literally millions of things hanging in the museum that i just couldn't decide what to photograph for you all but in the end i decided to get a photo of the plane
isn't it sweet, now i decided to get this cos i thought my dad might like he was an aircraft engineer only then i realizrd i had no idea what sort of plane it is, Dad would be able to tell me in a heartbeat i'm sure but........
so if anyone knows can they let me know cos i'm not likely to get back to the museum in opening hours for quite awhile, unless of course i'm very late for work again and have to go to the toilet

Saturday, 15 September 2007

for Lee - My crush

OK so i missed the deadline , so sorry Lee, life got away from me.

But i did do it sweetie
here's my entry for the first Category Stories challenge.
my crush
and the journaling is here:

for anyone looking at this and wondering what the?
the lovely Lee belongs to a new blog withe really sweet challenges, not the usual BOM or MAAM stuff but quirky stuff just the sort of thing Lee would do and it is here ...........
check it out there are some really gorgeous Lo's there, and lots of fun too, took me back to highschool a little bit, but lee you did Johnny so i had to think real hard about who i would do

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Music Concert

last night i got to go to Conor's school music concert, we were treated to perfomances by solo singers, vocal FX group, a string ensemble, the concert band and the stage band!

what a night so many talented kids! yet again i was impressed by the amazing work the music department i.e Cassandra has pulled together Yeronga SHS is so lucky to have her.

Conor played 7 pieces in all, which was quite an effort and i'm so happy to see how he is improving under Laura's tutelage

some photos:

my beautiful Boy

can you beleive how grown up he is getting?

and another one of the the whole band or as many as i could fit in the one photo. it was a great night even if i did miss dinner
and Bek if you are reading this there are more photos on face book sweetie

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


here's my thouhgtful Photo, Conor my son doing his homework tonight agh how he hates it LOL

he hates this photo too says he looks like an idiot (he actually used another word that i particularly hate so i won't use it! no not a swear word just a yucky school yard word)
Anyway since he hated the photo so much i let him do some editing on it before i posted it, but to me he looks beautiful! a little frustrated maybe but beautiful nevertheless.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Honey Toast

Did i tell you that i've given up yeast!
I've been trying to eliminate some of the toxins in my diet and yeast was the first one to goand it did mke a differenceit's just finding the bread that is a little difficult albeit impossible, it either costs a small fortune or tastes disgusting. At the moment i have the most disgusting Rye bread but the life saver is that crumpets do not contain yeast woo hoo
Anyway as i was saying I'm home sick with this flu again and craving my honey toast comfort food, I just ransacked the freezer and found 2 slices of white bread so i have just enjoyed my first ever honey toast on white bread this month and it was delish (trying hard not to think about the freezer burn or just how long that bread had been in the freezer Oh dear)

Photo prompts over at HSMP are:

Self Portrait Saturday, so obviously i need a bit of work on this but what about the gorgeous Jason Bourne in the background ooh la la!


and then its favourite photo Sunday and i have to share this one again

I took this one at Australia Zoo last month and i love the way i captured the crocodile mid lunge, look at how amazing those jaws look!! Can you beleeve the trainers get into the cages with these guys scary!

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, 31 August 2007

busy week

Mon 27-8-07
so tired, what a day, i've been getting up early on Mondays so i can drop Conor at School by 7.30am for band practise, i do beleive this is a totally ridiculous hour to do band practise with sleepy kids BUT who am i to argue

So i was at work by 7.30 am what fun, the only bonus being that it is lovely and quiet at this time in the office and i can get a lot done.

I can't wait for tomorrow Malu will be back form New Zealand and Conor and I are spending the day with her before she goes back to Brazil for good this time - so sad

HSMS photo for today was Sun

here is the gorgeous sun setting on the cliffs at Kangaroo Point.
Love the beautiful golden glow the cliffs get at this time of the day.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

last birthday EVER

It's my birthday!!! and i am


so i figure if i never have another birthday i will stay 39 FOREVER lol, well that's the theory

we had a fantastic afternoon yesterday so much food and a great time was had by me and i think everyone else

I got lots of pressies will share a photo later

i only have 3 photos cos i didn't take any i was way too busy but Courtney, Malu and Amael had their cameras so i will get photos off them all tomorrow when i go to work

but i do have 2 photos to share ok may be 3

this one is the gorgeous cake Conor made me it's a chocolate Hedwig, served with RED jelly, Gianni pointed out that this cake was quite disturbing especially as we were eating him poor old Hedwig!

but didn't Conor do a fantastic job and he tasted so good!

then i have to share this photo for Chrissy

Guess who i got to have a cuddle of Chrissy?

can you guess?

Can you?






yep it's Asha!!

and Michelle i'm so mad i don't seem to have the photo of the 2 of us in our matching outfits LOL

did someone else take it oh i hope so
So that's it no more birthdays oh but i do hope i still get pressies!!

Sunday, 12 August 2007


we met this fella at Australia Zoo last weekend, i wonder how well these Ellies can see with their tiny eyes on either side of their enormous heads


this was a hard one, since we are in a drought in Brisbane and have no water, i looked into my back yard and everything was dead, even the grass is no longer there, the only thing that seems to be blooming in this drought are the weeds BUT i did manage to find this little bromiliad that Conor is growing woo hoo ( at least i think it's a bromiliad LOL)

My space her space

well i've decided to take up the My Space Her space challenge so here's my first post

I'm a bit behind but wanted to share my fist photo

Conor and i see this cat every morning on our way to the bus stop, Conor loves her/him we don't know!

so when the challenge came to do FAT i thought this would be a great photo and not one of me LOL

i'll catch up with the rest of the photos today

have a good one!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Australia Zoo

So on Sunday Conor and I finally took Malu to Australia Zoo, it was fantastic!
I was the first time i had been as well so we had a great time, i was really impressed with the Zoo, and really think if you get the opportunity you should go it was so awesome

so i thought i would share a few piccies that we took, Malu and i actually took 200 photos between us so quite a lot of scrapping there i think, but i will only share some of my favourites

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

for Chrissy

only because you asked so nicely LOL

Here i am going blond, here i am on Sunday in my new blond do, be nice

Friday, 27 July 2007

here again

well hello cyber world
i'm back after a very hectec month but i did manage to get back online before the month ended
it's been pretty stressful at work but have had great support from the company i work for and a whole day with Virginia, Christine and Beryl at the scrap heap
what more do you need to relax
i've also decided after all this time that it's ok to link LOL
so if you want to link me go for it

and here's a lo i did this week, i've been getting a bit of scrapping done cos i've been home with this terrible flu

so here's me about 39 years ago with my cousin Sharon whoops i thought it was jackie but it's Sharon
this is aJune aussle from the Scrap Heap
but i added some random chippies for the monthly challenges: